Interning: Get Remembered For All The Right Reasons

[This post is brought to you by Kristyn from Loyola Marymount University, a Campus Ambassador for Lauren Berger’s Internqueen, a website that offers free internship listing and college advice site for young people!]

You perfect your resume, ace the interview, and are offered the internship! Nice job! But the tough part is not over yet. You want to make the most of your internship and prove to the company that they did not make a mistake choosing you. You want them to remember you for the right reasons! So how do you do that? Here are three things I have found to work the best:
1. Take notes and ask questions!
This shows everyone else that you are serious about what you are doing, and that you care about doing it right. I find it is most helpful to bring a small notebook with you on your internship. This is where you can write about what tasks you have done that day, which can come in handy later on when you are updating your resume or asking for a letter of recommendation. Make sure to write down the names of the people you meet. Usually on the first couple of days you meet a bunch of different employees, and it can be hard to remember who everyone is. You do not want to get stuck forgetting someone’s name. I find that writing names down, along with a few defining characteristics, can assist you in avoiding this embarrassing moment, and it helps you remember everyone.
2. Networking is also extremely important!
Make sure you meet as many people at the internship as you can. Remember their names and try to strike up a casual conversation with them. Try to introduce yourself to everyone (as long as they are not busy). You never know who you will click with, or who will help you in getting your next internship or job. Networking is not just about making connections that will help you out later on, however. It is also about helping others, which is why it is helpful to talk to people and find out what they need.
3. Finally, and this one should go without saying, do the best job that you can!
No task is too small. In one of my internships, none of the other interns wanted to do the time consuming tasks of filing and copying. I never said no to doing these jobs. I gave 100% to every duty that I was given, no matter how small, and my supervisor was very appreciative of this. My motto is to always try to say yes. This shows your supervisor that you are serious about your work and that you have drive. Also, if you find that you do not have anything to do, ask around to see if anyone needs anything or volunteer for a project. You never know who you might meet or what valuable experience you might have along the way.
Remember, your internship is a chance for you to learn, to gain experience, and to meet people. So put you best foot forward and don’t forget to have fun.

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