Secret Agent Beauty “The Skinny” Lipgloss Set [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:

Secret Agent Beauty “The Skinnys” Lipgloss Set

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Lipgloss sets are one of my personal cosmetic weaknesses. They are just so cute and can be so functional! If you like all or most of the glosses, you’re usually getting a deal and some nice, portable glosses to boot!

Secret Agent Beauty has put out a new kit filled with five “secret weapons” as they call them! The formula is supposed to “transform your lips from dry and dull to healthy, plump and gorgeous in just a few pout-pampering steps!”

How To Use It:

These glosses come with a traditional doe-foot applicator. Since the majority of the shades are sheer, you can forgo a mirror and apply free-hand. They are also quite tiny, so you should be able to tote one around in even the smallest of clutches!

(Agent: Lips-Galore, Pretty-Pink Provocateur, Foreign-Intelligence Flirt, Diamond-Girl Detective, Agent: Golden-Spy)

(wearing Foreign-Intelligence Flirt)

CC Rating: C+

When I saw The Skinnys, I was extremely excited! I love lipgloss, especially sets that consist of complimentary shades. The glosses in this set apply easily, because they are so non-sticky and feel quite comfortable upon initial application. They have a strange scent – I would describe it as chemically floral, with a hint of a fruity base note. The scent had me really taken aback at first, but faded within a few minutes.

These are supposed to be plumping glosses and the telltale tingle started seconds after application. I don’t usually wear plumping glosses, but I actually found the tingle of these to be quite uncomfortable. I removed the gloss and 15 minutes after, and could still feel a bit of the tingle. I didn’t like the sensation at all. That being said, if you’re looking for a plumping gloss, it’s pretty safe to say that these will do the job!

Overall, I found this kit to be rather “meh”. Neither the formula, nor the shades stood out and I also didn’t like the tingling sensation these provided. When you factor in the $60 price tag, I wouldn’t say run out and grab it, UNLESS you’re looking for a set of plumping glosses. In that case, you may actually love The Skinny! Since the majority of shades are clear with shimmer, you can transform any lipstick shade into a plumping product by applying one of these glosses over top.

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