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How To Get Your Summer Love On


Winter is one of the best times to have a boyfriend. It’s cold, no one wants to go out, and you really just want someone to curl up next to you on the couch. Summer is a totally different story. Skirts and sundresses, tanned skin and pheromones, it’s fling season! There are a few stages of good ole fashion summer flinging. There’s meeting men, kissing men and waking up with men. You may hit all three stages with one guy, and some may never get passed phase one…but it’s all fun regardless! Here’s my list of where to meet, kiss and wake up with boys this summer. Maybe you’ve already done a few of these, or maybe you’ll also want to check these off your list! Or maybe you’ll comment that I’m a huge whore who will die cold and lonely. To each their own. Lemme know what you think!

I love tacos and tequila, and I strictly adhere to the 'no pants Sunday' rule.