Things He Does That Tick Me Off…But Shouldn’t [He Said/She Said]


Let me start by saying this: the topic of this week’s He Said/She Said was not chosen by myself. Our resident He Said seemed pretty adamant about shedding light on all the unjust angers women hold toward men, but I have a confession. I feel completely, 100% justified whenever I get pissed at a guy, regardless if he’s my friend, boyfriend or something in between.

If I’m mad, I’m mad and you bet it’s going to be for pretty good reason. What’s the point in denying or belittling my frustrations, even if they seem petty to someone else? That’s how you end up ignoring a bunch of seemingly minor annoyances until they develop into one major problem. You’re just going to find yourself perpetually dissatisfied in relationships, and who wants that hairy mess? Not me. Let me get mad now so we can be happy and grope each other outside a bar later. Forgive and forget, babe!

All that said, I still have to humor the process and write this post. So what am I going to write about exactly? Below you will find the things I get mad about that are the least “understood” by the male mind. For some reason they can’t wrap their heads around why I don’t like it when they forget to pick me up from the train station, or why I can’t stand having an important conversation via text message. Call me crazy, but these “little” things really tick me off…

Click here to see what He Said he really shouldn’t get mad at women for (but does). Should make for quite the interesting read if I do say so myself.