30 Rare Photos of Prince William for His Birthday!

Being famous cannot be easy.  I mean I know, we all “aspire” to be a celebrity someday, but do we really want to followed around by little, annoying, obnoxious puppy dog paparazzi all day with all of our absolute worst moments captured on camera?

Well, now imagine being famous AND royal.  Yep, that’s pretty much Prince William’s life in a nutshell. Oh that and the luncheons and brunches and parades and ceremonies and all that political junk.  But today, we won’t focus on all his duties, and why is that?  Well, it’s his 3oth birthday, of course!  So instead, we’ll play the part of the paparazzi and show you 30 pictures you may have never seen before of this royal heir.  Happy Birthday, Prince William!

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