6 Scary Skinny Celebs…and a Few Who Eat Right [Photos]

Weight has become a major issue today.  Women, more so than men, are constantly scrutinized over how much they weigh, which leads many to feel uncomfortable in their bodies and seek unhealthy techniques and diets to lose that frustrating extra baggage on their hips.

The worst part is most celebrities strut flawless figures on the runways, at premiers and in movies.  These are our “role models”!  These are the people we admire everyday in magazines!  These are what we aspire to be, and THAT is just not okay.

Luckily, there are a few stars who are losing weight in a healthy manner, like the unbelievable Jennifer Hudson.  They don’t starve themselves, and they don’t overwork their bodies to the point of severe exhaustion.  They eat responsibly, and no, they don’t snack constantly, and they most certainly weren’t born with bodies like this, but they work with what their mammas gave them!  So who are these stars?  Toofab.com helped us uncover some of the beautiful celebrities who worked hard to be where they are today.

Unfortunately, we have witnessed many celebs who are scary thin.  They’re gorgeous women, but they’re missing something very important.  Check out those who may be happier and most definitely healthier with a bit more meat on their bones…

Eating responsibly can go a long way, always remember that!

[Lead image via stryjek/Shutterstock]

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