A Cheat Sheet to Woody Allen's Best Films

We live in a day and age where new movies come out ALL the time.  There’re always a million choices to debate over! But very few movies have the good fortune to be directed by someone revered, someone with a reputation that outdoes all the others…someone like Woody Allen.
I bet you didn’t know he began his career as a comedian, actually doing standup comedy…or maybe you did know that, and I’m just behind, which is all too possible.  (Oh, and by the way, his real name isn’t Woody, it’s Allan Stewart Konigsberg).  But anyway, he’s pretty special considering he often stars in his own films — always quirky and fun.
And in honor of this amazing director (and writer AND actor) and his new movie coming out tomorrow, “To Rome with Love”, I’ve created a quick review of some of his best movies and realized, strangely enough, how much they have in common with the drama that goes on today!
P.S. He also plays the clarinet (if you knew that one, you really need to get out more)!

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