8 Reasons Diego Boneta Is The Next Ryan Gosling


Last weekend I went to go see Rock of Ages with my family. I was expecting a corny musical about 80s rock with some of my favorite throwback tunes. I was not expecting to be sitting in the theater giggling with my sister like I was in middle school again over the leading man – Diego Boneta. You might recognize him as Alex, the handsome country club worker that dates Spencer for a few episodes on Pretty Little Liars, or you might recognize him as Latin heartthrob Javier on 90210. You might even know him from his stint on Rebelede, a Spanish soap-opera. Also, he’s apparently filming a new TV show for MTV called Underemployed.

Wherever you know him from, you’ll notice he’s stealing hearts across the world – yup, he’s bilingual. Yummy!

We’ve compiled a list of 8 reasons he’s the next Ryan Gosling for us to obsess over.