6 Celebrities Who Embrace their Curves


Remember the size zero modeling issue? That still hasn’t been fully resolved, and the issue keeps getting worse. Now it’s not just models who are expected to be super skinny – it’s the actresses, singers, and even the screen writers. Being skinny is becoming a prerequisite for being successful, and celebrities who show even a tiny amount of body fat receive harsh criticism. Just look at Jessica Simpson. The woman was pregnant, and rather than wondering about baby names, studying her great pregnancy wardrobe, or even checking out her incredible post-pregnancy rack, ┬áthe majority of the media was talking about how ‘fat’ she was.

Most famous mothers have to deal with the same analysis of their pre, during, and post pregnancy bodies. The second a celebrity gives birth we’re on the watch, timing how quickly it takes her to get her body back. And it’s exactly the same for any other weight fluctuations. Female celebrities are under constant scrutiny, with every aspect of their physical appearance analyzed by the public. It’s no wonder they crack under the pressure and turn to extreme weight loss methods and crash dieting!

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see women in the spotlight who embrace and showcase their curves. It’s not about celebrities being completely comfortable with themselves and thinking their bodies are incredible – they’re real people and have insecurities too – but about the celebrities who make the best of what they have and ignore anyone who says they’re too fat or ugly or different to do what they want. Check out some of the celebs below who are ignoring the super skinny norm and rocking their curves…

[lead image via cbsnews.com]

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