Stars, They're Just Like Us? [Candy Dish]

I always snicker when Us Weekly does that full page in the magazine called ‘Stars, they’re just like Us.’ I’d be super impressed if they did a whole page dedicated to celebrities living in shoebox apartments, bringing a flask in to bars so they don’t have to pay for drinks or picking up their dog’s sh*t in a park…that I could relate to. I don’t want to see celebs ‘taking a long time to decide’ between organic beets in Whole Foods. So, it’s also hard for me to care when TMZ reports on Britney spending a ‘normal’ day at the beach with her kids. If Lindsay had a normal day without any drug use, car accidents or theft, I might be more entertained. Alas, check out Britney and the twins being adorable and ‘normal’ at the beach.

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Original Footage of Channing Tatum as a Stripper…Yes, We're Serious
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