25 Under 25 Most Influential Women on the Web 2012


In a world where the internet is pretty much (sadly…maybe not so sadly) one of our best friends, it’s important to look at what we’re reading, seeing, commenting on and see who it’s being produced by. You want to learn about those people you spend time with offline, right? So isn’t it just as important to learn about those who are influential on the internet? Considering the fact that we’re an internet-reliant generation, I think the answer is a resounding yes! After all, there’s a good chance we’ll end up liking what internet “influencers” tell us to like, or that we’ll talk about what they’re talking about.

The interesting, amazing part of the internet is that age is really just a number. We’ve always been conditioned to believe that global success was only in-reach for people who have been working at it for years. But I’m going to have to disagree with common wisdom because, where the internet is concerned, often the younger you are the more influential you are. Here at CollegeCandy, we wanted to get familiar with the web’s most influential females. We looked at trends and numbers, listened to who you all were talking about, and came up with a list of who we felt were the biggest names out there.

So who are these 25 unbelievable young women, all under 25, who are changing the world and the way we see it…one tweet, comment, post and video at a time?