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Olivia Munn is Neon Chic [Celebrity Chic on the Cheap]

So…apparently Olivia Munn is in Magic Mike? I didn’t realize there was anything more to that movie than the objectification of beautiful and chiseled men. I don’t know much about Miss Munn, other than the fact that she’s a gorgeous comedian who regularly appears on the Daily Show (and is apparently not very funny? But really, Adam Sandler is still making movies, so we’ve got a far more nefarious enemy to comedy). Anyhoodle, Olivia Munn has great style. Tons of bold colors, fun patterns and just a generally eye-catching aesthetic.

tank – Banana Republic, $24.99//skirt – ASOS, $20.71//booties – Endless, $38.50//bag – Forever 21, $22.80

Olivia’s bright yellow skirt immediately caught my eye. It is such a perfect summer piece – neon, airy, and versatile. You could totally embrace the neon and pair it with blues and greens to create a brighter look, or you could follow Olivia’s lead and pair it with neutrals. This gray tank is super comfortable and flattering. Black booties have (somehow) become acceptable to wear during the summer, and a black chain strap bag completes this effortlessly stylish casual ensemble.
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