Organize Your Job Hunt With Huntsy [Web Spy]

Looking for a job after graduating from college can be an overwhelming task. Once you have that killer resume showcasing all the experience and education you’ve worked so hard for, you can start applying to open positions in the hopes that will lead to your first real-world job.
If you’re serious about finding a job, which I’m sure you are (you don’t want to live in your parents’ house forever, do you?), then you know that finding one takes a lot of hard work. This means applying to new jobs every day and following up. Applying to job after job can be hard to keep track of — which is where Huntsy comes in handy.
Huntsy organizes your job search for you by keeping track of jobs you’ve applied to, interviews you’ve scheduled, resumes you’ve sent out, etc. It also creates a to-do list for your job search, to keep your hunt on track.
It’s easy to get started. First, sign up for an account and add Huntsy‘s bookmarklet you can add to your browser’s bookmark bar. Search for jobs as you normally do (via Monster, Career Builder, Indeed, etc.), and once you find a job you like, click on the bookmarklet to add it to Huntsy.
Once a job is added, Huntsy will keep track of it by guiding you through each step of the process: reminding you to apply, follow-up, send thank-you notes for interviews and more. Even if you’re going through the process with multiple opportunities at once, Huntsy makes sure you’re putting forward the best application possible.

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