5 Days of Magic: Matt Bomer [Photos]

I remember when I first saw Matt Bomer. My parents kept talking about this show¬†White Collar¬†and I finally agreed to watch it. Boy, was I happy I listened. I’m not sure if you know this, but Matt is basically perfectly looking. That’s clearly why Steven Soderbergh threw him into Magic Mike.

He’s different from the rest if his Magic Mike co-stars because you don’t see him shirtless everywhere, but that’s okay. The thing that makes him a ten isn’t his body like Channing Tatum (#HotDamn), it’s his face and general attitude are fantastic. But, when there is a shirtless picture of Matt you treasure them all the more. Check out 20 of Matt’s greatest pictures (including all the best shirtless ones) below!

Did anyone else notice that Matt loves a good ripped shirt or man-cleave?

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