The People You Meet [Lessons from the Mile High Club]

Ever since I became a flight attendant, so many things have changed for me, and I’m trying to decipher if it’s because I’m truly happy with what I’m doing or if being a flight attendant just sends me on so many adventures.
I’m an on-call flight attendant so each day is a surprise. One minute, I’m sitting and typing on my blog, sipping cold coffee and playing with my hair, then suddenly I’m rushing to the airport like a freight train, stumbling onto the plane with my hair askew. At times it can be overwhelming, often I don’t even know what city I’m in or where I was yesterday. I just pull on my nylons, put on my Kate Moss ‘landing lipstick’ (with a little touch up before we land in a new city) and go wherever the jet stream takes me.
I’m totally sounding like a gypsy, but my job allows me to do that. With bopping around to foreign places, comes meeting new people — and that’s my favorite part of the job.
My mom once told me, “Brittany, you will meet your best friends in this job.” I had a hard time believing her, I’d specifically chosen all of my greatest friends in college, had Facebook to keep in touch with them, and didn’t expect anything else. Work is work and that’s it, right?
Not at all! Like always, my mom was right. I can officially say, I’ve met one of my best friends through this job. She’s a fellow flight attendant and I can’t imagine life without her. The best part is, we get to travel to crazy places and drink blueberry beer and reveal revel in our hectic lives. I couldn’t imagine going a day without talking to her.
As for the other flight attendants, I’ve heard the craziest of stories about their past. A lot of them worked for airlines in the 60s, tell me stories about going to VIP clubs with rich businessmen passengers, smoking in the lavatory, chugging champagne in the back galley during flight and living with pilots in London for an entire summer. One flight attendant recently told me she lived with the members of Pink Floyd and used to put puzzles together with Janet Jackson when she was a toddler. I mean, these stories are legendary. But I’m so ready to make some of my own!
And that’s what life is all about. Creating a story that you’ve lived, grasping everything around you and pulling it all in. You will meet people at work that you had no idea would mean so much to you. You will hear something crazy and crave to make something crazy of your own. You will become insanely adventurous and refuse to live timidly. Life is about gathering experiences and taking off with them.

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