Top 10 Things a Guy Should Never Say

Every girl loves a compliment every once in awhile (or maybe twice, three times, four times… you get the point).  They boost our confidence, they help us remember what’s good about us especially when they’re coming from that guy we’re crushing on, our boyfriends, or just someone we find sorta interesting.

But what happens when you get the opposite?  What happens when instead of a compliment, you get something a little nastier?  We know there’s a definite guideline of what TO say to girls, but that being said, there’s definitely a guideline of what to NEVER (and guys, I mean never) say to any girl!

I did a little research, (unfortunately, not that hard to do, some people just lack a filter) and came up with the ten top things a guy must never, under any circumstances, utter to those of the opposite sex.  Now, these are mine, totally open to any others.  (Sadly, I’m sure they exist.)

P.S. Boyfriends everywhere take note…and if you don’t, beware of the consequences…

[Image of two men via Everett Collection/Shutterstock]

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