Cheat on Your Girlfriend [WTF Friday]

While browsing the internet for some seriously crazy things to share with you this Friday (which by the way, TGIF, am I right?), I came across a picture of an advertisement that really really just blew me away! Let me first say this:  I like to work out.  I kickbox, I run, I pride myself on being fit.  I mean, I may not be strong, per-say, but I try!

So, when I came across a Reebok ad that said “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout,” I was offended in more ways than one!

WTF!  Who says that!  Who writes that!  Who DOES that!  Not only do girls workout too, but hello, who promotes cheating?  Since when was a workout more important than a person’s feelings?  Wrong, just wrong.  Is this coming off a bit testy?  Well, if so, that’s the point.  Gosh, people these days…

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