This Isn't Your Typical Jean Button-Down [Budget Stylista]

We all know that jean button-downs are back in style, and I bet that every one of you fashionistas out there have one hanging in your closet! They’re a great go-to piece, and they look great with everything from a black dress to an old pair of jeans. Best of all, it easily gives us gals that laid-back, all-American girl look that we love…. which brings me to the problem: everyone owns the button-down, and I mean everyone. (Even your mom!) So how do you set yourself apart from the other fashionistas? You have to think outside the box! Next time you go shopping, look for a jean button-down that has some personality. If you look hard enough, you can find unique and affordable button-downs that scream high fashion. Walking around SoHo, I have seen jean button-downs that have fringe, American flags, studs, and more! So whatever your style- whether it be boho or edgy-  there’s a jean button-down for you! Check out some of the cool ones below, all of which are completely affordable!
Jessica Pawlarczyk

Top left: Paired with high-waisted jean shorts, this Forever 21 shirt is perfect for achieving a tie-dyed 70s vibe!

Top Middle: This Topshop crop top is just right with a plaid flannel shirt thrown over it!

Top Right: With pigtails, I’d say that you’re Miss America in this Urban Outfitters button-down!

Bottom Left: With a faux pocket, this Zara shirt is unique- especially when paired with floral pants!

Bottom Right: Feel some summer lovin’? Wear this Forever 21 button-down with a pair on neon pink or orange shorts!

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