Which Starlet Went Bald?! [Candy Dish]

She is the fairest in all the land, the most beautiful in the entire castle.  Hey, the mirror knows best, right?

But now, she’s taken a bit of a different path, beauty no longer being her sole rule to live by.

What am I rambling on about?  One gorgeous and phenomenal actress has shaved her head. Yes, I repeat: she has shaved her head, ladies and gentlemen. No, not her legs, her head. And while previously she had been covering up her baldness with hats and accessories, she has now chosen to embrace her new look!  So, which celebrity, known for her beauty, was brave enough to shave off her pretty blond locks for her new movie? Click here to find out!

In other news:

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[image of woman in hat via  Vera G/Shutterstock]

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