Kylie's Special K Challenge: One Pound Down!

Remember how I said that beginnings are really hard? Well, WEEK TWO is soooo much better than week one. Seriously. It’s amazing the difference a week makes.
My first weekend was tough because I went away for a Bachelorette Party — anybody else see the problem there? Yup, bachelorette party getaways and diets do. not. mix.
But to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Instead of packing tons of chips and dips, I snacked on veggies and fresh fruit all afternoon on the beach, and it’s so easy to fill up quickly when you’re in the sun. And when the only think you pack is veggies and fruits, it makes drunk eats better for your belly — and trust me, I dined in delight!
Now for some fun midweek highlights!
I still really love dinner, so I have a bar in the morning and a bar or protein shake for lunch, plus tons of fresh fruits during the day. But I’ll admit (eek!), I’ve cheated a few times. BUT LET ME EXPLAIN! It’s healthy to cheat, right? Right. So on the few occasions that I have stepped outside of my Special K box, it’s only been for snacking mistakes. But diets are all about making good, healthy and responsible choices, which I still feel I’m making.
I’ve already lost a pound! YEAH!!!! It was super gratifying to get on the scale and see that I was a pound less (and still going!). So every morning I’m super pumped to jump into my shorts, knowing I’m a full pound lighter. It’s AWESOME how much different you feel after just a pound. It’s like a little reward for myself after a week of hard work.
I think my stomach has shrunk. Now, I know I’m no doctor, but I really think I’m the most qualified to make this judgment call. My first week was soooo tough, adjusting to a new diet and eating and actually listening to my body — but it was time to break old habits. This week though, I’m feeling good and FULL after just having a bar or protein shake and a banana.
But I’ve especially noticed the change in my tummy size at dinner time. No longer am I reaching for seconds and thirds (Okay. FINE. Unless it’s for eggplant parm. And that I just can’t help), and my body is craving leaner proteins and fresh veggies instead of those yummy, carb0-loaded starches.
So far, I’m so excited to be weigh a pound less (in case you guys didn’t get that memo earlier — I’m a freakin’ pound lighter! OH yeah!) Now, full steam ahead into week two! Who’s with me!?

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