Molly's Special K Challenge: The Weekend Woes

So it’s been like four or five days since I’ve started the Special K Challenge. At first it was going really well, and I was excited about the idea of prospective weight loss, but now that I’m in the middle of it, I’m bored. I knew it would happen, but I’m sick of having the same food every day. In an effort to mix it up, I bought the Vanilla Almond cereal and have been eating a salad during lunch instead of a Special K meal. I’ll then have a Special K meal for dinner, so I can have a beak from all the fiber and bran.
And OH MY GOD the fiber. That’s probably TMI, let’s be honest, but still. I can see why the diet is working, and I think a lot of it has to do with the amount of fiber I’m eating.
I was really worried about being able to stick to the diet during the weekend, because it’s the weekend, and I’m newly 21. Friday went smoothly. I grabbed a protein shake for breakfast, had some takeout Chinese for lunch, and then a bowl of cereal for dinner. But by the time I got downtown, I was STARVING. Literally, by bar close, I thought I was going to eat everything in sight. Unfortunately for me, my girlfriends decided they wanted to indulge in some drunk eating at Jimmy John’s. I was standing in line waiting to order my #5, no onion, no tomato when I realized that if I ate now – at like 2:30 am – I would be doing more than letting myself down. I thought I would be letting down everyone who’s been keeping up with my experience with the challenge. So, thanks CollegeCandy readers, because you’re the only reason I didn’t cheat on my diet.  I left the line, sat down in the booth and munched on a few sea salt and vinegar chips and had a bite of a pickle. It wasn’t perfect, but I was so proud that I didn’t order a sandwich. On Saturday and Sunday I only had two meals and one snack because I woke up too late to eat breakfast.
So far, as far as weight loss goes, I’ve actually noticed a slight difference in the way my jeans fit. Last night my skinny jeans fit. I mean, I definitely had to wiggle in them, and lie on the bed for them to button, but last week I couldn’t even slide them over my thighs. So I count that as some definite progress! I also bought a scale, and when I started the challenge I was at 132. I’ve only lost three pounds, which could just be water weight, but my skinny jeans fit, and I’m never taking them off.
Molly is a senior English/Journalism/Broadcasting major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She’s not very good at small talk and English bulldogs are her only vice. Follow her midwestern ramblings at gwacamolly on twitter.

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