6 Crucial Post Interview To-Do Items For Landing The Job!

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You’ve just aced your interview with an outstanding first impression and, don’t worry, you’ll have time to relax later, but finishing your impression isn’t over quite yet. Follow this post-interview checklist to confirm your interviewer’s decision on why you are the perfect candidate.

1. Communicate the Hiring Process
Make sure you communicate with your interviewer about the next step in the hiring process – whether they prefer you to follow up, or if they will contact you once they have made a decision. Asking, “By what date do they hope to fill the position?” will show that you are highly interested and have enthusiasm about working for their company. If they say they will call you at the end of the week, respect their decision. Don’t call up the next day. Sometimes they may see that as being too pushy.

2. Be Punctual and Dependable
If you mention during the interview that you will send further documents or writing pieces for their review, make sure to send it no later than the next day. This will show them how dependable you are with deadlines, and that they are able to trust your word when you say you’ll have something to them by a certain time.

3. Follow Up “Thank You”
Whether it is a nice, hand-written “thank you” or e-mail, definitely take the time to thank them for their time and show how eager you are for this position.

4. Keep Learning
Don’t stop learning about the company. Continue to research and increase your knowledge about the company and the position you are striving for. You can never know enough, so why not continue to increase your chances of getting the job by knowing as much about the company as possible.

That’s not all! For the final two tips, check out the full story here! Good luck!

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