Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder [In Our Makeup Bag]

What It Is:

Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder in Golden Fair

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Foundation or base has become an essential part of my makeup routine and is the step that makes the biggest difference. I was always fearful of using foundations, probably due to the girls at my high school who looked like they fell in mud and let it cake on their face. Seriously, they scared me. However, I’ve discovered that there are plenty of natural-looking foundations and powders that enhance your skin, but cover your imperfections.

Korres is a brand that I feel good about using because of their natural approach and ingredients. Not only is this powder is made without scary things like parabans and sulfates, but also has beneficial ingredients like wild rose extract (duh). Korres says it’s an “oil-free, sheer formula [that] imparts a natural swash of color and a smooth, velvety finish.”

How To Use It:

This powder comes with an included sponge in a special compartment. I tried applying with the sponge and a fluffy brush, and prefer the sponge. There is a separate compartment in the compact, just for the sponge, which makes on-the-go touch-ups easy.

Before and after Korres Wild Rose Compact; notice the evened-out skintone and reduction of redness.

CC Rating: A-

The Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder provides a nice option for those who want to wear foundation, but are conscious of the chemicals included by most brands. Korres natural approach to cosmetics makes me feel secure using their products, especially ones that I put on my face! This powder was finely-milled and applied well, although I felt like I had to get a lot of product on the sponge to see a difference in my complexion. However, this product really shone in the oil-control category for me! I didn’t get oily for about 6 hours after application, even in my steamy office. I’ll be using this as my primary foundation for the rest of the summer for this reason.

The major disadvantage of this product is the limited color range. I find that Korres foundations tend to run warm and don’t match my pale winter skin. The range also doesn’t extend very dark, so women of color may find it difficult to get a color match. Korres seems to have this issue with all their foundations and I wish they would expand!

I really like the Korres Wild Rose Compact Powder, especially for summer when I sport a tan. I feel good about using a natural foundation and don’t mind applying it liberally for this reason. I found it to even out my complexion without making me look like a cakeface. It also did a lot to reduce redness, but any spots would require an additional concealer. If you have good skin in general, it’s a nice, “green” option for a powder. You can pick it up from Sephora for $28, which is on par with many mid-to-high brands like MAC.

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