8 Deal Sites That Will Save Your Wallet And Your Life

I am a sucker for sample sale sites. 60% of the time I will buy the product/clothing/shoe/meal/whatever regardless of whether or not I need it, just because it is “on sale.”

Yes, I am one of those unfortunate souls, but I am getting better, I promise! My knowledge and expertise cannot go to waste though! And, because these sites will not be getting as much of my money now that I’m working and it is MY money and not MY PARENTS money, I’ve decided to share with you, dear readers, the secret to the sample sale website experience.

You need to know where to shop (look below), how to get coupon codes (go to retailmenot.com and use google), and how to be home when the UPS guy gets there. I’ve had more than one package sent back to the sender because I wasn’t there three days in a row when the delivery guy came. Don’t let this happen to you. Become a UPS My Choice member and most of your problems will dissipate.

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