Three Down, Three to Go! Kylie's Special K Challenge

Three-quarters of the way there! And I seriously could not feel any better about myself and my hard work. The Special K challenge is an awesome way to get started and dive back into the dieting world, but I’m really trying to focus on making healthier choices a habit and not just another yo-yo dieting trend; so I’m been making a huge effort to listen to my body, feed it what it needs and spare myself the junk food and the guilt.
Not to mention that I’m going to be in a wedding in just under two weeks so I’m really, really trying to be stay focused. The one thing that I’ve really loved throughout this challenge is that the planning is already done for me – I just grab a bar in the morning and a bar in the afternoon and I don’t have to worry about anything else. At the start of every week, I put together a huge fruit salad so that before I dash out the door, I just take some to-go in case I’m hungry for a snack. The fruit keeps me feeling refreshed and the sweetness feeds my cravings. I find that the bars are easier for me to carry around because i just throw them in a bag and I’m done with it – but also because they leave me feeling full longer than the shakes … and I’m just the kind of person that prefers to chew my food, rather than just a shake to make me feel full.
Like I’ve said sooo many times, dinner is my fun treat. I’ve been experimenting with lots of different lean proteins, fish and lots of veggies. This is where listening to my body really kicks in and my tummy tells me what it needs versus what my eyes want. Dieting becomes fun once you get the hang of it and you start seeing results, no matter how small they are!
But now for some fun facts:
1. The chocolate protein bars are my must-have breakfast and lunch choice.
2. My veggie of choice at dinner summer squash.
3. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, if not more.
4. I feel so good – mentally, physically, emotionally – and I’m sure this is just a domino effect from tuning into my body, but it really has been an awesome experience to know that overall I’m in a really happy place!
I’m down 3 pounds. YEAH BOI BOI

Molly's Special K Challenge: The Weekend Woes
Molly's Special K Challenge: The Weekend Woes
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