Brandy Melville: The "It" Store to Watch [Budget Stylista]

I’m in love. Not only with my boyfriend of five years, but also, Brandy Melville. Who’s Brandy Melville? Or rather, what’s Brandy Melville? The coolest store to hit SoHo in years! I immediately fell in love with the store while¬† walking down Broadway; the display window caught my eye, because it was full of high-waist cut-off jeans, cute crop-tops, and skull jewelry. And what’s a better combination than that?!?
Browsing the store, I wanted to buy everything, and I mean everything. Every mannequin was styled to a “T,” with the perfect mix of clothes that combined edginess with girlishness; flowing skirts were paired with cut-off California tees and necklaces were adorned with crosses and skulls. With contrast like that, what’s not to love?
Unfortunately, there are only two cities that carry Brandy Melville in the U.S.– CA and NY– so if you find yourself far away from these locations, you can get your fashion fix online at! Check out some of their latest looks below– I’ll bet you’ll become smitten with the brand in no time!
Jessica Pawlarczyk

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