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The Coolest “Dance With Somebody” Cover You’ll Ever Hear [Video]


It’s easy to ignore everyone you see on the street. Although you can be surrounded by hundreds of people at any time, you’ll be plowing through your own personal bubble. Most of us tend to especially ignore the homeless. What would you do if a harmless looking homeless man approached you and proposed? Freeze? Laugh awkwardly? Whether we feel guilty or simply uncomfortable sometimes even the most giving girls don’t know what to do in the situation. 

Well, the lead singer of Count decided to serenade him instead. The video of Gaby singing to the man is heart-warming and could bring anyone close to tears. Watch it below with a tissue or two close at hand. Even if there’s a little bit of water works, watching Count’s “Dance With Somebody” is well worth it. 

[Count – Dance With Somebody – Downtown LA from Count on Vimeo.]

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