The Time I Almost Went Out With A 16 Year Old [Diary of the Undateable]

I always try to avoid eye contact on the subway. It’s just kind of awkward to catch someone’s eye when you’re going in the same direction and then you have to duck him or her until you get to your stop. I spend most of my mornings and evenings looking down at the floor of the L or looking up at the ads. There’s one that I see almost every day, everywhere – for Badoo.
Badoo is hip and cool and sexy – at least that’s what the advertisements want us to think. The simplistic ad features attractive New Yorkers that aren’t model-hot, but regular-hot. Yes, it’s shallow. And yes, it piqued my interest. One evening, I chatted with my cousin over Texas-sized drinks at Dallas BBQ when we saw the ad again. What the heck is Badoo? I didn’t officially Google it until a few weeks ago when I got totally irritated with OkCupid. I was tired of wack Quiver matches and seeing the same folks over and over again, so I decided to try a few new sites.
What I like about Badoo is that it’s not meant to be a dating site. It’s like on the fly social networking with sprinkles of romance thrown in. You have the ability to meet up with someone in a matter of hours – if you guys click, that is. You see, I always thought that the process of Internet dating should take a few weeks or even a few months. You exchange messages online first. And then you exchange numbers after a few weeks. Then comes the Skype conversations. And then comes the actual in-person meeting. Badoo is like online chatting and dating and meeting…on bath salts.
The dangers of online dating are paramount…we all know that. But the past few guys that I’ve talked to take it so casually. They want to meet up and chill as soon as we start texting. My friend told me that girls at her internship get on OKC on Monday and have dates planned by week’s end. “You can meet a crazy guy in the club, at Starbucks, on the street and in class,” my girl told me. “Crazy is everywhere, not just online!”
This is true. So can I – or should I – throw caution to the wind and meet a guy Bryan messaged me on a Saturday morning while I was at work. He was cute, polite and interested. We chatted throughout the day about this that and the other…you guys know the deal. He didn’t ask for my number until the following day, but something told me to hold off. He wanted to friend me on Facebook, probably so he could see more pictures of me or whatev.
When I added him, I immediately went to his “about” section…because I wanted to know about him. As I dug deeper and deeper, I noticed that some of his pics were taken inside of a high school classroom. Maybe he’s a TA, I thought. Umm, no. He lied about his age on Badoo and didn’t cover his tracks on Facebook. He’s 16 years old! I was thisclose to spending my Sunday night with a dude my brother’s age.
I got too comfortable with being comfortable and almost forgot that people lie. It’s really easy to hide behind a few pictures and text messages. I’m just going to follow my instincts and take things slower. The right way.
CollegeCandy, how do you guys feel about meeting someone online after a couple of days?
[lead image of guy in classroom via michaeljung / Shutterstock]

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