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This Celeb’s Mom Is Against Gay Marriage


When you think of the Jolie-Pitt clan, you’re considering a family the size of a soccer team. Their matriarch is a United Nations ambassador and they probably have a child from every country by now. So, by general standards you would guess everyone would be cool with a gay clown ridding a bicycle in a rainbow wig holding a portrait of President Obama, right? Brad and Angie do visit the White House quite a bit.

Well, you would be wrong, at least considering the extended family. Brad Pitt’s mom Jane would not be down with that clown. At all. Jane’s a big Mitt Romney supporter but not too fond of gay rights, abortions or our current president. And, she wants everyone to know about it. Mrs. Pitt wrote a very very pro-Romney letter to her local paper, which you can read all about here. I wonder how Momma Pitt feels about Angie’s very public bisexuality…

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