Make A T-Shirt Tote! [DIY With CC]

How many old tees do you have? From just being a normal eight-year-old to going through Freshman orientation and even Greek life philanthropies, you probably have way too many. Like an entire drawer of t-shirts you haven’t looked at in like a year. Well, instead of saving them “for bed” put them to good use and take them out of your dresser! Make them into a tote-ally awesome bag. I’m sorry I really enjoy bad puns. But seriously, it’s amazingly easy to make a cute carryall just from your tees. After you make one, don’t be surprised when someone asks how they missed Sigma Chi Derby Day bags last year.

What you’ll need:

  • Heavy weight cotton t-shirt (Youth XL, Adult S/M work best)
  • Pen or pencil
  • Dinner plate
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

What to do:

Lay your shirt flat on the table. Cut the sleeves off, but leave the seams because those are important! Put the plate between the shoulders of the shirt and trace along it. Cut along the traced line. Turn the shirt inside out and pin  the bottom along the hem. While the tee is still inside out, sew the hem closed with the sewing machine. To make it extra durable, sew it once more. Now, turn it right-side-out and you’ve got yourself a fabulous tote! Great for the gym, beach or even class.
[Thanks so much to Instructables for the idea!]

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