Tom Cruise Engages in Some Risky Stalker Business

Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise. Lately there seems to be absolutely no Cruise control (#BadPunLove) and it just keeps getting worse for the couch-jumper. This time around, there’s weird wiretapping allegations against Cruise… What is this, 24?
Straight out of a Hollywood thriller, the Mission Impossible star supposedly had a long-standing business relationship with surveillancer of the stars, Anthony Pellicano. Fun fact: Pellicano is currently in prison for 15 years due to phone tapping. Cruise allegedly used Pellicano to gather information about during a divorce and for a defamation case during the early 2000’s. To get the full story (like which of lucky wife may have been wiretapped), check out Celeb Buzz’s story. It sure is a whopper, I wonder who’s going to write the script.

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This Celeb's Mom Is Against Gay Marriage
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