Web Series You Should Be Watching [Sundays Are for Procrastination]

Depending on how you count your calendar days, Sunday can either be the last or first day of the week. Either way you look at it, Sunday should be the day where you blow off steam by starting (or ending) your week with some fun! Sundays are definitely for procrastination and these videos below will help you avoid working and keep you entertained.

This week I decided to round up some of my favorite web series. Since it’s halfway through the summer, I know my Netflix cue is getting shorter so I had to branch out my TV watching and extend it to these online shorts. Which one is your favorite? What other web series do you watch?

Dating Advice from My Future Self


The Misadventures of  Awkward Black Girl & Friends




Your Dad’s Friends


Broad City


Burning Love


Today Is Video Games Day!
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