What Christian Grey ACTUALLY Looks Like…According To Readers

It’s one of those books that will remain a phenomenon for a loooong time to come.  It has everything a woman is looking for: sex, love, intensity.  So, what book could I possibly be talking about?  It’s Fifty Shades Of Grey, of course (although I’m sure you could have guessed).

Besides being a crazy popular novel, it’s being made into a movie.  See, that’s great news, but there’s a problem with this: everyone has their own image of what the ridiculously good-looking, wealthy Christian Grey should look like!  No worries people, science and technology have decided to help us all out.  Some scientists have come up with their very own version of Christian Grey.  I know what you’re thinking: great, another person’s version, excellent.  But no, they created this using the same e-fit software used to catch criminals!  So savvy!

Using this e-fit software (that is also casually employed in police investigations), they attempted to put a face to this mysterious and seriously sexy character.

But the image they derived is just… an imposter.

I am seriously, seriously depressed by this image.  I know, each woman has their own “type”, but this guy is just NOT Christian.  So while I have some ideas of how he should look and who should play him (hint: NOT THAT GUY!!), which I will share with you below, and CollegeCandy already weighed in on the matter, I actually really want to hear your thoughts.  So, who do you think should play Christian Grey?  Who would you love to see being scandalous, scary, and sexy on the big screen?

To give you a little help, here’s my prime choices for the one and only Christian Grey.  I mean let’s be real, this is a very serious manner, it takes a lot of consideration!!

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