Which Male Celeb Was Bummed Out By His Weight Gain?

As a girl, I definitely care about my weight.  I watch it, I try to eat healthy, work-out, blah blah blah.  And I have to admit I’ve always been a little bit envious of boys.  I mean, they can eat whatever they want, they don’t need to have the perfect curves, and weight is just not a main topic of conversation.  So, you can probably imagine my surprise and curiosity when CollegeCandy came across a man discussing his weight gain!

This was not just any man either, this was a very talked-about, notorious, successful Olympic athlete!  It’s interesting because many times I associate only women’s weight gain with some sort of depression or slump or just a blah time in life, but this dude seemed to be suffering from all the same things too.  So are men and women really more alike than I thought?  Do the same concerns cross their minds?

Well, click here to find out who brought me to this revelation and who was not so thrilled with his weight gain.

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