An Open Letter to My Summer Fling

To My Future Fling,
Let’s have fun, okay?
The summer only lasts 3 months long, and that’s just about as long as we’re going to last. Don’t be sad, it’s okay. Let’s just accept it. And move forward.
I didn’t pick you ’cause you’re “the one.” No, summer romances aren’t big enough to fit “the one.” I picked you because you’re fun, sexy (mmm, so sexy), charming and most importantly, not looking for a long-term relationship. Really, it was like dollar-signs went off in my head the moment we met. CHA-CHING!
I don’t care if you don’t call me every day, and I definitely don’t want to meet mom and dad. I just want to dance provocatively with you at the bar when I’ve had too many drinks and sleep in the backseat of your Wrangler. I want to spend all day on the beach with you, drinking beers and laughing in the water. No, stop it. I’m not talking ‘If I’m a bird, you’re a bird’ water playing. I just mean it straight forward: let’s get shitty and play in the water. Let’s have FUN!
I want to go to festivals with you — LOTS of festivals, and it will be perfect, too. ‘Cause we have similar tastes. Except I’m hoping that your music taste will be different in a way thats not cooler than mine — just different. So you can show me stuff. And give me kisses on my sun kissed shoulder and call me ‘babe’ in front of your friends. Babe is enough. Baby is too much… like you really need me, or that you want to hold me and take care of me forever. And we don’t need that, remember? Forever is a long time. We’re just having fun here.
We’ll go swimming in hot springs and pack our gear for the weekend to go camping in some weird part of a town that we just picked on a map. Who the hell cares where it is – let’s just GO there. We’ll play music in your Wrangler with the top down, and we’ll eat so many s’mores before bed that I get a tummy ache. When we fall asleep at night, it won’t be too romantic. We don’t need that. I want to pass out next to you from exhaustion, because the day we had together was so fun and exciting that I have no energy to cuddle.
We can eat chocolates for breakfast too. And get naked in the river and pretend it’s as good as a shower for the day. On the way home, we can stop at a State Park. We’ll pick up a six pack for the road and drink cheap beer in front of my house. You won’t mind, ’cause you don’t want the pressure of meeting mom and dad, either. It’s just more fun to be a mystery.
Most importantly — you’ll be sweet and kind and gentle. And we’ll lust for each other — two free spirited vagabonds to summer. That’s who we’ll be. You’ll be my Fling and we can have fun.
[Lead Image via OliveCocoMag]

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