Training For a Half While On Vacation [One Month Challenge]

Last weekend I was in Boston, and while it was tough to wake up before my brunch loving crew to get a run in, I did it. This weekend I’m in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival. This is a three day music festival and bands play all day long. When in the world can I run?! And where do I find the energy. Music festivals are exhausting!! You party in the sun all day, and then go out in the city at night and have to wake up to repeat.
The thought of getting out of bed to go on a run sounds absolutely tormenting, but the anxiety of digressing from the progress I’ve made is pretty severe. I was really getting to a good place with my runs and they were hurting a lot less. I was even getting up EARLY to run before work. Which I surprisingly love!! I ran twice before work this week and on both days I felt incredible afterward. Besides the fact that I was starving (like needed a snack every 1-2 hrs kind of starving!), I had so much more energy and felt so much more focused at work. I definitely understand how people get addicted.
I was scheduled to do two long runs this weekend, and I’m going to be honest– I am only completing one. I will add the run I miss to my schedule next week, I promise! Note to everyone out there, music festivals are NOT conducive to marathon training. But hey, seeing Feist live last night was totally worth adding an extra run to next week!

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