The Most Phallic Foods You'll Ever Eat

We all know that there are some foods out there that just so happen to look more phallic than others. If you’re like me, this was one of the first things you noticed after you found out what a penis was. If you’re not like me, congrats on your very clean mind.
When I was growing up there were two foods that I absolutely adored (well, I adored all foods, but for the sake of this argument I’m going to talk about these two): Bananas and pickles. Eleven years after puberty, I still love these foods, but during those eleven years I was not able to eat them in public. I was too embarrassed. I have an olive complexion, but I would turn BEET red whenever I saw a banana.
Remember Firecrackers? I loved those as a kid. Once I realized what they looked like however, they were forever ruined. Now I am an adult (sort of), and I am proud to say that I can eat bananas, pickles, and firecrackers in public. I still turn red, though.
From CollegeCandy to you comes a list of the most phallic foods out there!

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Yeah I'm Kind Of Embarrassed By Kristen Saban
Yeah I'm Kind Of Embarrassed By Kristen Saban
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