5 Ways To Be Completely Irresistible

Inner confidence is probably the most important thing a girl can have. It can push you to apply for your dream job, buy a dress you’ve been coveting, or go after a guy you think is really cute! It’s also key to having good relationships. That time old idea that no-one can love you until you love yourself might be a little extreme (and depressing), but the truth is, no-one can make you truly happy unless you feel comfortable with yourself and worthy of the happiness you deserve. Loving yourself isn’t easy. It’s a lot easier to sit and hate on your chubby arms than to admit that actually, you’re perfectly fine. Feeling confident, beautiful and happy is an ongoing process that no-one else can do for you. Luckily, while a lot of the work has to be done by you alone, there is some help! YourTango is launching a feel-good campaign called ‘Irresistible You’. Between today and July 26th they’re going to post new and creative tips for feeling irresistible and happy that will in turn help improve your relationships.
Self-esteem is such an important part of life, and it’s sometimes difficult to get over our hang-ups and truly appreciate ourselves for who we are. Just doing little things can be a massive help, and that’s what YourTango’s new initiative will help their readers achieve.
Check out the ‘Irresistible You’ campaign here, download the ebook and take a look at 16 ways that feeling irresistible benefits your relationship! Plus, take a look at our 5 quick tips to feeling irresistible below!

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