3 iPhone Apps Every Intern Needs This Summer!

[This post is brought to you by Kelsey Reynolds from Southern Methodist University, a Campus Ambassador for Lauren Berger’s Internqueen, a website that offers free internship listing and college advice site for young people!]
1. Flipboard (Free) 
This app is called “Your Social News Magazine” and is the answer to being an informed intern. When first setting up your Flipboard you choose topics of importance such as style, food, politics, etc. This gives you the power to cater your news to the areas of expertise needed for your internship. Every morning just click on a Flipboard topic and flip through the latest news. Additionally, you can sync your Flipboard with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.
2. TeuxDeux ($2.99) 
TeuxDeux is your new best friend when it comes to to-do lists. As an intern the days can be endless and there is always something else that can be done. Instead of being overwhelemed, TeuxDeux allows you to organize and track the tasks that need to be done. You are able to rank tasks and the higher the ranking the higher on your to-do list this item is. Another perk is that if you didn’t finish a task for that day it will automatically move over to the next day.
3. iTrans NYC Subway ($3.99) 
If your summer internship has you living in an Empire State of Mind then this app is for you. iTrans NYC Subway gives you step by step directions on any subway route you may need, whether your first time in the big apple or not this app is a must have. There is a fastest route option as well as alerts for delays, ensuring that you are a punctual intern. Another perk is that iTrans works even if it’s offline, underground transportation no longer poses a problem.
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