10 Tips to Help You Through Sorority Rush Week

A new semester is quickly approaching, and for some schools, that means Fall Rush Week, that time when sororities on campus welcome new sisters and pledges into their families.
It might all sound exciting, but this can be an extremely stressful time for some people; as a member of a sorority, I would know! My school does Spring Rush, but I was a nervous, sweating wreck when it came time for this.  I kept thinking about how big of a deal it was and how it would determine my entire life (so not true people, come on, we’re 18 or 19 years old, we have a LIFETIME ahead of us).
Some people just miss out on that very crucial factor about rush.  Recently, someone in my sorority posted an article she found about how a select group of women are offering actual “rush prep” classes, and for the small sum of $8,000 you can go on a special weekend retreat to better prepare you for this event!
I’m sorry, what!?  That is absolutely crazy and completely unnecessary.  First of all, taking classes and going on retreats (essentially spending huge amounts of money) will not guarantee you a spot in the sorority of your choosing; and second of all, finding the right sorority for YOU is about being yourself, and let’s face it, you’re not being yourself if you’re using someone else’s lines.
That being said, I have prepared a little cheat sheet for you to prove that you don’t have to spend 8k to have a successful experience during rush!

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