His 8 Favorite Sex Tips [He Said/She Said]

There are boring sex tips, and then there are “holy sh*t why doesn’t every girl know about this” sex tips. These little gems are the latter. If you’re ever having difficulty keeping your partner happy don’t be afraid to reference this guide to getting your man off. None of what you’ll read here requires preparation of any sort so these can be used at any moment you choose. Be warned though, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t go making your significant other feel like a minuteman.
Tip #1: Guys aren’t a fan of loose vaginas, so if you’re ever in doubt about anything, contract! If you feel like you’re not doing enough, you can always practice your kegel exercises off the field. Did you know it’s possible to make a guy finish just by contracting them?
Tip #2: Blowjobs are 85% enthusiasm
Tip #3: The other 15% is knowing that you can use your mouth and your hands at the same time. I can’t understand how girls don’t comprehend this.
Tip #4: Have sex to please yourself just as much you do to please us.
Tip #5: Lie on your side as he keeps having sex with you as if he was in the missionary position. This gives us a view of everything. It’s pretty f*cking baller.
Tip #6: Don’t be scared to drop a few F bombs in there.
Tip #7: Don’t be afraid to be a feminist and get off your back.
Tip #8: Feel free to call a girlfriend for assistance.
This weeks post written by COED’s resident He Said.

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