Manage Your Online Life With MySocialCloud [Web Spy]

In the world we live in, we’re always connected. Most everyone is connected to more than one social network, like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, and managing all that login information can be a pain.
That’s where MySocialCloud comes to the rescue! MySocialCloud links all your accounts together with one simple login. Just set up an account with MySocialCloud and link whatever other sites you want — Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc. — to automatically be logged in every time you visit the site.
You can also create a secure place to store all your login information and passwords for any website. Better than a piece of paper, which can be lost or stolen, or a document on your computer, which can be lost if your computer crashes, MySocialCloud‘s Vault keeps your information secure.
MySocialCloud is also a portal for users to save and share content with other users. When browsing the web, you can use the bookmarklet button for your browser toolbar to add it to your page. You can organize your bookmarks into categories (such as “health,” “fashion,” or “read later”), and also choose if you want them to be private or public. Public bookmarks can be found by browsing and searching the site, and you can also follow other people’s lists that you find interesting.
With only one password to remember, all your secure information and a world of interesting content is at your fingertips!

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