These Boys Are Hot And Busted On Tumblr


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to find a site on the internet full of ridiculously good-looking dudes.  I mean, can you imagine how much time you’d spend sifting through the pictures)? Tumblr is apparently on board with the whole idea.  There is a tumblr dedicated to pictures of hot guys!

But… there’s a catch.

These aren’t just cute guys. These are guys who had the unfortunate luck to get busted!  Oh, and these aren’t just pictures of them smiling or posing. These are their mug shots.

WTF! There’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to hot, bad boys.  This could totally be turned into a game where you choose a guy, guess his crime, click on his picture, and find out if you’re right!  Add a drinking element? Just try not to fall in love; they’re not the best fish in the sea.

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