24 Year Old Sports Blogger And Broadcaster, Jessica Redfield, Loses Life In Colorado Shooting

The CollegeCandy family mourns the loss of one of our very own, very talented and unfortunately young super-stars.  You may not know this, but CollegeCandy is run by Coed Media Group. There’s us, COED and Busted Coverage. In the office we all sit at one long table with lots of other bloggers across the country.  We’re one big wonderfully dysfunctional family. Well, all the way on the East coast in NYC, we were still affected by the tragedy out in Colorado.

One of Busted Coverage’s former hockey writers was one of the lives claimed by suspect James Holmes early this morning. Her name was Jessica Ghawi. She used “Redfield” as a last name for her career- it was her grandmother’s who had always wanted to be a journalist but never had the chance. Jessica was also a sports fanatic and talented writer. Most importantly she was a friend with a huge life in front of her.

The 24-year-old will be missed. To read more out Jessica, visit Busted Coverage.

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