Handshake Confusion [Friday Video]

Everyone has those awkward moments sometimes, whether it’s having to ask someone to repeat themselves more than three times, waving at someone it turns out you don’t know, or forgetting someone’s name midway through a conversation. My clumsiness and shyness around big groups definitely adds to my awkwardness rating.

If you’re as awkward as me, you’ll definitely know how comforting it is to see other people have their share of awkward encounters. Luckily for us, YouTube channel LAHWF dedicate their time to incredibly awkward social experiments. They got a lot of attention for their ‘holding hands’ video, but I LOVE their ‘NO-NOT-YOU-ING’ video even more, it makes me feel a little less alone as an awkward member of society…

[Thumbnail via val lawless/Shutterstock]

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