Paparazzi Who Are Sort Of Friends With The Celebs They Photograph? [Candy Dish]

Personally, I am fascinated by the paparazzi. I mean people who take photos of celebrities, stalk them to get them in compromising positions, and pay people to know of celebs whereabouts is fascinating. But, my confusion about the magical world of the paparazzi just got a little too reality-ish for me. Find out why!

In other news…

Karl Lagerfeld refuses to work with Hollywood stars. What a haute couture diva. 

Two of our favorite leading men were showing off their smiles and suntanned bodies on the set of their new film….oh how I wish I could be there with them.

Honey will be appearing in The Hunger Games. I haven’t seen her since Pulp Fiction. Yay!

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are way too sexy not to have a huge family. 

Airport security thought this guy was packing more than just an appendage in his trousers. They were wrong.

Since when has tanning been something to promote? Apparently since H&M came out with their 2012 Swimwear campaign.

We love knowing what stars think about getting nominated for awards. Especially funny stars.

What quintessential chick flick is not only celebrating its 17th anniversary, but also is still hailed as the best?

This “That 70s Show” star will be appearing in a bio pic. Ironically, the beginning of this film takes place in the 70s!

A celeb mom said her kids “Always Need To Look Cool.” Hint: it’s probably not who you think.

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