Reasons Why You Should Still Go See The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight came out four years ago, back in 2008. Although that might not sound like such a long time ago it was. George W. Bush was still president. Now it feels like forever, doesn’t it? The trilogy’s first installment Batman Begins premiered all the way in 2005. That’s seven whole years ago. Fast forward and The Dark Knight Rises hit theaters last night (unfortunately with some very sad tragedies).

Unless you’ve watched TDKR’s predecessors recently you’re probably a little murky on the particulars. Director-Producer-Writer-Superperson Chris Nolan is known for his winding mythology, so it’s pretty easy to get lost somewhere along the way. Instead of taking  about five hours out of your life to watch two movies, why not just take a Batman Crash course? It’s even easier than that that 1-credit course from freshman year, since it’s brought to you by our friends at Celeb Buzz. Read up on all the things you forgot about Begins or TDK and get some helpful reminders from this time around, right here. Because seriously, who the heck is Bane and… is that Joseph Gordon Levitt!?

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