The Price is Right When It Comes to These Purses! [Budget Stylista]

I admit that I’m not a purse person. If I’m going on a shopping spree, buying a handbag is the last thing on my mind. Why? They’re so darn expensive!

Case in point: Browsing through a store the other day, I saw a cute shoulder bag. The leather was obviously fake, so I figured it would be somewhere in my price range. Flipping over the tag though, I was in for a big shocker— it cost $50. To some, $50 is nothing, but to me, that’s a lot… especially for fake leather! Try living in New York City with an unpaid internship for a whole summer, and then you’ll be on the same page!

Unfortunately, my go-to black purse is pretty worn down (it’s five years old), and I’m absolutely dreading to find a new one. I’m seriously considering duct-taping the hole in order to avoid the pain of shopping for a new one….  But after some in-depth online shopping, I’ve found some reasonably priced bags!  Check out my favorite finds below and let me know what you think! Oh, how will I ever choose which one to buy??? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


Jessica Pawlarczyk

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Melon Flower Purse:

Sparkly Silver Clutch:

Pink Bow Purse:

Black Skull Clutch:

Flower Backpack:

Cotton Tote Bag:

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