Would You Drink/Eat Mashed Potato Slurpees?! [WTF Friday]

Well, these are not your grilled pesto potatoes…at all. If you’ve ever been wandering through the aisles of 7-11 wishing that their infamous Slurpee machines had more carbs inside of  them instead of brightly colored iced beverages, the gods have definitely heard your prayers.

7-11 is now offering mashed potatoes in a cup. Yes, they’re out of a machine and eaten from a cup, thanks to the company Maggi’s (which makes foods like powdered mashed potaters). You can get a Big Gulp and a cup of mashed potatoes for $2. If you’re really bold though, why not get both liquid-like substances in two Super Gulp containers. Super Size me, duh.

Unfortunately for your wallet (and intestines) the Maggi’s machines are way more popular in Singapore than the US, so please immediately petition your nearest 7-11 proprietor. To see more pictures of the real life machine check out Buzzfeed or just watch the video below (yumm, there’s gravy too!).

[lead image via MSN]

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