Recapping The Colorado Tragedy [Candy Dish]

Tragedy struck two nights ago, and it’s all we can think about. I want to say: WTF is wrong with people? I realize that may be insensitive, but to take a FICTIONAL film so far that you dress up like the bad guy and shoot out a theater is not only awful, but also kind of ridiculous. This kind of thing happening is what drives anti-violence groups to speak out against action films. This kind of thing happening is what makes parents keep their children sheltered, so they don’t get hurt by the fanatics out there. Get updates on what’s happening here!
In Other News….
Which Hollywood star’s wife fears a stalker who hears “voices in his head?”
Chris Hemsworth: a man who makes me swoon whenever I see a photo of him. Apparently he and Steven Spielberg will be getting chummy!
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart make their way out on the town in their signature dressed down look. How they manage to stay so sexy is beyond me.
Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron team up to make the world instantly jealous of their combined beauty.
Russell Brand already has a new hookup after his divorce with superstar Katy Perry. This guy needs someone to stroke his ego.
We love Lena Dunham and were so excited to read about how she’s preparing for her first Emmy nomination!
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s adorable relationship gives us goosebumps. With his dressed down geekiness and her gorgeous style we’re looking forward to giving our wardrobe a Spidy makeover.
The Newsroom: only the most talked about new show out there. Well apparently Aaron Sorkin is not impressed with his writers. Come on, Aaron.
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na….BATMAN’s car is awesome. We love looking at its sexy shell.
Benedict Cumberbatch. The birthday boy is a regular feature in some of our favorite GIFs.
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